Working out the kinks…

So it’s Day One of the Great Writing Experiment – in which yours truly spends an hour a day writing something, anything – and I’m sitting here sicker than a dog. Which you’d think I’d be used to by now as a monthly occurrence, but nooooo, somehow I always end up with new and exciting modes of crampage. Some perverse prototype version of forgetting the pain of childbirth, I s’pose.

Anyhoo…let’s see…yeah, not much else going on around here. The books all say write what you know, but they never say what to do if what you know isn’t all that exciting. Like, yay, I had cake today. (Although, don’t get me wrong, it was massively good cake. Someday, if you’re very very nice to me, I’ll share the secret recipe for Shoemom’s chocolate decadence).

Turns out on closer examination most of my blogging inspirations work by tagging on to some inherently cool stuff – comics, say, or celebrity gossip. As noted in the previous ‘whoo-hoo-I’m-back’ entry, I don’t even watch TV, much, and the stuff that I do watch is hampered by the fact that I’m in Canada. We’re Number Two! Is there a market for six-month-old Top Chef recaps?

Tell you what, let’s try tagging onto a comics blog. Over on Comics Should Be Good, which is a kind of meeting of the serious comic minds on the Net (ie, those who don’t wear Wolverine boxers…or at least if they do, it’s an ironic statement) they’ve been running the incredibly fun results of their Top 100 DC and Marvel Characters poll. 50 DC, 50 Marvel, as voted by, well, the serious comic minds on the Net plus some people who have Squirrel Girl tattoos. (This is how both Hawkeye and Green Arrow made it to #s 8 & 9 respectively. Boxing-glove arrows, forsooth.)

I wholeheartedly agree with both Top Twos, especially Marvel’s, having long been the kind of person who breaks into ‘Is he strong?/Listen bud/He’s got radioactive blood!’ to entertain myself on long elevator rides and such. Also, while I like Superman and all, and am fully sensible of the Chris Reeve factor as opposed to Val Kilmer, let’s be real here. (Mind you, the Amalgam Universe version of both #2s – don’t ask – that kept the pirate boots and had an ‘S’-shaped shield, would’ve kicked #1 butt all over the place).

It’s kind of funny, really, how the two companies have become so iconic in such different ways. Of Marvel’s Top Two it is often said that one is the guy you are, the other is who you most want to be. Over at DC, both are who you want to be, only one is who you stand a reasonable chance of becoming – and no, it ain’t Bruce Wayne. There’s probably a lesson in here somewhere, but I’m too zonked on Advil to work it out.

No big surprises in either Top Ten. Glad the Thing made it, and found a new must-check-out character in DC’s Oracle, which is exceedingly rare, for me and DC. A few pleasant warm fuzzies among the rest, especially for this ex-teenage-X-phile – Nightcrawler @ #12 on the Marvel list for instance. It has long been my contention that the supporting X-cast is worth about twenty of the Nobly Flawed Heroes Yada Yada Soliloquy-Cakes that lead the damn team. Besides, they’ve died/been depowered about 35% less often, so have more credibility points.

The only big problem is that I’m starting to become mildly obsessed with the missing Ghost Rider. Not that I’m a fan, you understand, just that it’s shaping up as one of those inexplicable little mysteries of life. C’mon, people, it was Nic Cage in the movie! You had the freakin’ Vision on there, did he ever have a movie? No. (Although, I must admit, he had a way cooler name.)

Also weirdly missing – especially given the DC Top Two – is all the classic supporting cast. No Alfred, no Lois Lane, no Commissioner Gordon, no Jimmy Olsen. This being DC, I’m gonna go with the obvious reason: Superboy punched a wall. This may also explain, not so much that Superman came in second, but how low his totals were. Sometimes, as the Crash Test Dummies put it, you just despair.

OK! Think we’ve dropped enough obscure references for one entry, so am going to bed now. Next time, it’s all about the warm homespun humour, promise. And maybe more cake. 🙂


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