Things to do on Tuesday

First off, I must thank those who’ve been participating in the poll. Your comments have been taken to heart, I do assure you.

The rest of you, well, it’s either speak now or…uh…well, stop reading, I guess. Which is not at all the direction I envisioned that sentence going in. Let’s just skip to the part about it’s still open, link in post below, and move right along, shall we?

So this is the Quest for Interesting, Part II: the post that should’ve happened on the weekend, except the weather coated me in a deep thick blanket of meh. The extra time actually worked out pretty well, inasmuch as it gave me more time to mull the question…also, more time to mentally edit the Bob & Ray article, hence need distraction PDQ.

The process of sitting down and trying to quantify what makes a person interesting is kind of thought-provoking in and of itself, actually. Especially given the wide audience you face on the Net. Either you settle down happily to become a legend in one small corner of cyberspace, or you go absolutely bonkers trying to be all things to all people, only to discover you’ve left out…well, I dunno what ‘furry fandom’ is exactly, but that’s what finally tipped my dreams of being a Super-Popular Cyber-Presence over the edge. Niches forever!

Therefore, new readers, this is it. Herewith and henceforth I present the official List of Interesting Things About Shoebox, and will accept the consequences regardless:

As noted, I can’t really say I’ve much to offer the Here and Now crowd, other than possibly a real and sincere appreciation of Jake Gyllenhaal. The last media trend I followed with any kind of enthusiasm was Idol,  and that…didn’t end real well. On the one hand, I discovered a natural knack for snark, ie. comic criticism; the first time I’d ever realised my gift for making people laugh in real life translated to strangers in print. Quite the heady discovery…so much so that, er…Suffice it to say I’m the only person I know to have been kicked off two Idol-alumni fan forums running.

Not for a moment, mind, am I going to claim the problem wasn’t mostly mine. On the other hand…I submit that having Dr. Phil quoted at you on a Kalan Porter forum is more than any human being with even a decent sense of humour can be expected to resist. Plus, there was that whole ‘unreadable’ thingy. To borrow a formulation you run into a whole lot in Idol fandom: Let’s see you get yourself published and then you can talk, OK? Nyahhh!

This extends out to geekdom – the sense of humour, not the razzberries, at least I hope. My appreciation of fantasy/sci-fi ends somewhere just past Oz and well before Harry Potter (although I did quite enjoy the sequences with his ‘muggle family’, at least in the first few books.)
It’s not a total dead loss though. Owing to time happily frittered away at the TV Tropes wikipedia, I’m caught up on the fine points of the Star Wars ‘Expanded Universe’ and able to not look completely baffled when the likes of Avatar the Last Airbender and Fullmetal Alchemist are discussed.
I can even rattle off all nine – or is it ten, now? – Doctors and their salient traits with only a few peeks back at the link (to me, Tom Baker is definitive, so imagine my surprise on checking back recently!). Also, somewhere in there I acquired a basic knowledge of comic-book history. The minute the plots start looping and fic starts fanning, though, I’m lost…except when there’s a MiSTing, of course.

So what else is there?  Well…basically, I started reading when I was five, and I haven’t stopped since. Hence I figure I must’ve stumbled upon something that had an extra-ordinary effect on my personality, if only by default. Humour, history, mystery, romance, the natural sciences and the classics; not to mention countless trivia tomes and even encyclopedias, back when I was nine and told ‘Why don’t you go play in the basement?’ Thus the process of fascination and ferocious research which produced the Bob & Ray article is one that’s been repeated many times over many years. I just seem to have an insatiable hunger for knowing stuff…and if I can laugh at it at the same time, all the better.

I don’t know. My friends assure me they’re very impressed…generally as they actively flee the room, especially when they see me coming with the Trivial Pursuit board. Not surprised, are you? Yeah, sorry about that, my Writer’s Craft professor feels your pain. A few years after grad I ran into him in town, and his very first words were “Are you still writing those great long things?”

The one thing that does kinda strike me as uniquely quirky is that my pursuit of knowledge has a sort of morbid turn. I’ve never quite stopped to analyse why; it just happens that way. When I read about animals, I’m fascinated by the extinctions. When I delve into history, it’s to turn to Watergate, the Tudors, the Romanovs, Marie Antoinette, Mary Queen of Scots, Pu Yi the last Emperor of China…even Lewis & Clark had a tragic ending, what with Lewis committing suicide years later and all. At various times I have made myself an expert on major historical disasters and famous crimes. Also, my favourite light reading is Catherine Cookson. You know, now that I think about it, I probably fit into some kinds of Net niches I’ve never even heard of…and probably don’t want to.

Crafty stuff? Well no, not since the embroidery experiment ended badly when I hit PMS for the first time. Cooking, sure, I can see myself exchanging recipes. Hang on…cats are interesting, aren’t they? Right-ho. I am a total sucker for all things feline. We have two in our household, named Dolly and Lucy. It ‘s a sort of Brady Bunch deal, or possibly in this case more Odd Couple, wherein Shoemom and I each moved in with one.

Despite being constitutionally allergic to rainbows, hearts and flowers in Net sigs, I’m quite taken with all of them in real life. I love beauty, I have a need to believe in the good…I have a need to cover my desk both at home and work with little cuddly stuffies, is what I’m trying to get across here. I love chocolate, hate vegetables, occasionally make up silly flights of fancy upon confronting a vivid sunset…spend a lot of time waffling over what people think of me, on the Net.

Above all, I do not think life would be worth living, were I unable to write. So…that’s what I do. You’re welcome to come along..


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