Boycotting common sense

In re: the call to cease and desist posting for this Friday to make a point to the LiveJournal TPTB…include me out.

As never tires of pointing out when an appeal like this makes the rounds, a one-day-only boycott of anything is basically kind of stupid. (While I’m on, check out their clear and concise rebuttal of internet petitions, as well.)

Essentially, the problem is this: Boycotts work by demonstrating that the consumer is willing to go without the product to make a point, thus depriving the producer of income or similar need. Seeing as how nobody’s planning on actually cancelling their LJ accounts (paid or otherwise), or even foregoing posting until their demands are met…well, whatever makes you feel good, I guess, ’cause it sure isn’t going to have any demonstrable effect on TPTB.

Note that I’m not saying there isn’t a cause to be fought here. If nothing else, the new ownership group has behaved in a fairly ominous fashion, as far as their desire to gain the trust and confidence of the masses is concerned. I’m just saying that I don’t fancy a Noble Gesture of Defiance that ends with the tyrants simply sitting by, tapping their foot and glancing at their watch.


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