And over-rated/but that doesn’t bother me…

Public-service announcement: In reviewing the readership stats for the last couple days, I notice with increasing dismay that many people checking out my historical pieces are actually in Europe. Uh, yeah…sorry about that, guys. Any chance we can just write me off as a typical boneheaded goofball North American, chuckle indulgently and move on? Or at least, put down that guillotine?


So I’ve signed up as a Wikipedia editor, despite growing amusement at the ever-widening dichotomy between the scholarly attempt to gather, collate and notarize every significant subject possible and the reality of the human nature involved in the process. Internet human nature, at that; upon which a few minute’s meditation should really have discouraged the Wikicreators right there at the starting gate.

It didn’t, however, and I must admit there’s a certain seductive pleasure in (finally!) being able to share your trivia pile with the world and call it Adding to the Store of Knowledge. Also, there’s the moment when you go googling to confirm some minor trifle you’re planning on adding to the Bob & Ray pages and discover that…whoops!…

[raises teeny-tiny horn to lips]

*toot toot*

…there are actually a few other blogs out there that linked to my PopMatters article! One of which belongs to Mark Evanier! Words like ‘good’ and ‘great’ being thrown around!…Plus, a really nice onsite comment on the article itself!

[lowers horn]

…Anyhow, I was wondering – I know the readership contains at least a couple people who’ve run up against this sort of thing before – my first impulse was of course to cyber-race up to all these people and strew hugs and babbled ‘thank-you’s madly about; my second was to wonder if that was quite the done thing. Don’t want to look like a craven opportunist and all that, don’t you know. Or, perhaps worse, a goofy n00b. But then, perhaps not responding at all would be unpardonably rude…
Thus I appeal to the audience: Just how does one react in cases like this? Are thank-you posts expected, or appropriate? I notice one of the mentions is on an LJ, and on reading the posts generally would really like to be able to swear eternal Friends List-ship if it’s at all possible…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. rj_anderson
    Apr 12, 2008 @ 20:35:12

    I personally like to thank people — strangers included — when they say nice things about my writing, and don’t hesitate to friend journals that looks like they’re worth reading.

    I can’t imagine why anyone would take exception to either of these things. It’s always nice to be thanked, and as far as other people’s LJ’s go I figure, if people don’t want random other people reading their journals, why are they making public posts in the first place? (Aside from those few individuals who make all their posts friends-only and restrict their friends to people they know in real life, that is.)

    Congratulations on the buzz — and the editorship!

  2. shoebox2
    Apr 13, 2008 @ 17:03:14


    For the advice, too, also. You make most excellent sense. [skips off to strew thanks further afield]

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