Knew there was something I was forgetting…

…teach me to try posting and packing at the same time. I accidentally left out one of the niftiest outlets of all.

It being the month of June, my adventures in flower photography have expanded to take in the local rose…well, the local rose whichever-random-homeowner-doesn’t-mind-me-standing-in-their gardens, to be exact. Most have been pretty gracious, although I did get a couple odd looks on Broadview trying to get the perfect closeup. You’d think that young family never heard anyone muttering encouragement at a tearose before.

Anyhow, the gallery is expanding at such a rate – also, it must be said, LJ’s image-insert capabilities have been giving me so much grief – I went rustling round the ‘Net looking for photosharing opportunities, and settled on Photobucket (Flickr being a trifle too eager to drag me headlong into social networking opportunities. I’m afraid I’m becoming a bit of a Net misanthrope, lately.)

Thusly I present my gallery-in-progress. Still pretty raw as yet, I’m hoping to tidy everything away with labels and such as soon as I get a spare moment. In the meantime, enjoy. Feedback welcome as always…


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. nia_starr
    Jun 26, 2008 @ 13:24:19

    OOohh, pretty flowers! Thanks for sharing your gallery! I especially loved the tulips, the pink Columbine, and the peach iris (I think it was an iris). Do you have a macro setting on your camera? Makes close-ups so much clearer. I will make a teeny suggestion when you tidy up your gallery, to delete the obviously blurry pictures.

    I have a wee obsession about taking pictures of flowers as well–my family always groans when we are on vacation and I see a particularly interesting or beautiful specimen, and I happen to have my camera with me! I might have to follow your example and put up mine in a gallery.

  2. shoebox2
    Jun 26, 2008 @ 15:13:27

    Thanks much! I’d love to see your photos. Shoemom makes those same noises when we’re out on a walk.

    I will make a teeny suggestion when you tidy up your gallery, to delete the obviously blurry pictures.

    But…but…those blurry pictures are artistic! Honest!

    Seriously, I know what you mean; focus is my greatest challenge thus far. Eight billion automatic functions on this little gadget – including, yes, a macro – and I still can’t figure out why the view occasionally goes out of whack. Guess I should, like, read the manual or something.

  3. nia_starr
    Jun 27, 2008 @ 12:59:59

    Hey Shoe–You’ve created a monster! I literally could not rest this morning till I had organized all my pictures! Take a look at my gallery in progress–Just click on the picture…

  4. nia_starr
    Jun 27, 2008 @ 19:13:25

    Ummm…click on the picture link to my album, and then type the password which is: flowers

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