Dispatches from the family front, part II

So it occurs to me – sitting here with a comfortable stomachful of ribs, having caught up on all the family gossip – I might have been just a wee bit hard on the Shoe clan, yesterday. I’m not such a snob as can’t appreciate their kindness and warmth; nor the generosity with which they scatter same hither, yon…and home-made BBQ sauce. Mmm.

Seriously…It’s not such a bad thing after all, being a Shoe. Most of the time I get what I want – except perhaps in the matter of Jacuzzi tubs, but into every life some rain etc. – and have been blessed with a whole lot more than I deserve, besides. Especially with friends who’ll forbear during my random fits of dissatisfaction, heh heh…right guys?


OK, back to the cute distractions next week, I swear.


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