My life would be pretty well perfect, except…

Can somebody please explain Dragnet parodies to me?

I mean – backtracking a little here – I get Dragnet, itself. For that matter I get cop shows generally, having been a tender devotee of A&E’s rerun lineup in the early 90’s. As such, I even get how ripe – nay, automatic – a target the format must’ve been for hip young comics back in the day. Clearly, this is a touchstone of modern American humour.
Somehow, though, I remain completely unappreciative of their efforts. In whatever format they choose to present them, so I know it’s not just the style. I’ve seen some of the Tom Hanks movie; I’ve seen the Muppet Show skits with Fozzie Bear. I’ve listened to Stan Freberg’s classic ‘St.George and the Dragonet’ (“The story you are about to hear is true. Only the needle should be changed to protect the record”), and the slightly-less-classic Bob & Ray serial ‘Squad Car 1182 Alameda’ (in which the officers of said squad car routinely miss the scene of the crime entirely). Hey, I’ve even read some of the dialogue from Dragnet’67.

And my only reaction is the kind of bemused ‘well, I’m sure that was all very clever…’ parents give kids just before hastily slapping their fingerpaints on the fridge. I appreciate the effort, I’m just not laughing at it. At all. It’s like there’s an entire manic mindset I’m not tuned into here. Probably not to the detriment of health and happiness, or anything, but still a little un-nerving.

Otherwise, this week is shaping rather well. Made the Comment of the Week runner-up float over at the Comics Curmudgeon (scroll down past the baby pics).

Then Shoemom got the urge to redecorate, and I got the new area rug for which I’ve been begging over a year now – one of those pseudo-Oriental jobbies that, in conjunction with a new heavy dark-wood(-finish) bookshelf, is giving off ‘becomingly serious yet charmingly idealistic’ vibes. Which I can now enjoy to the full, because my work situation is likewise flattering. At one point, yesterday, I paused to realise I had all the fall showcase samples in a full day ahead of time.

Then I got the chance to weigh myself and discovered that not only is the current diet working, I’ve lost twenty pounds in two months. Oh, and later this week the mondo Bob & Ray Amazon order arrives.

It’s getting to be kinda freaky, and clearly I need to take advantage while it lasts. If I get some time later this week I think I may try wishing for world peace…or, y’know, going over to Holt Renfrew and staring wistfully at the gorgeous handbags, just to see if any wealthy benefactors will swoop down and gift me with one this time.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. rj_anderson
    Jul 09, 2008 @ 07:41:03

    Congrats on the Comics Curmudgeon coup! Also:

    discovered that not only is the current diet working, I’ve lost twenty pounds in two months

    What. How. DO TELL! (And more congratulations — but I’d love to know your secret!)

  2. briansiano
    Jul 09, 2008 @ 10:10:36

    Only way to “explain” the _Dragnet_ parodies is to mention a modern-day equivalent: _Law and Order_ parodies that use that clunk-clunk sound. Same gag, different show.

  3. shoebox2
    Jul 09, 2008 @ 10:36:00

    Thanks much. 🙂

    My weight naturally fluctuates anyway, depending on how much time I spend sitting around snacking in front of the computer. I’ve just been making a deliberate effort to cut the unnecessary out altogether this time – to be aware of what I eat and when. Portion control, I guess it’s called. Standing around in supermarket aisles checking fat/calorie content has become my new exciting hobby…that, and hiking through the Moore Park ravine.

  4. shoebox2
    Jul 09, 2008 @ 10:38:23

    Ah. [ponders] [catches self smiling involuntarily] You know, you just might be onto something there. Thanks!

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