Fiction is truthier than strange…

So the thing that gets me the most about this Sarah Palin phenomenon is the embarrassment. Or rather, the lack thereof. I’m flipping through all the various reactions to her candidacy and while I’m encountering a lot of mocking scorn from the traditional quarters, I’ve yet to come across anyone, liberal or conservative, who’s properly mortified at the implications inherent in the McCain camp’s perception of their supporters.

Don’t mistake me, I’m all for down-home feisty frontier gals as a matter of principle… I even kinda liked Northern Exposure… but c’mon now. Palin comes across like a snarky caricature McCain’s posted on the American Electorate’s bulletin board, with a big arrow pointing to the caption ‘This iz yu!’ Call me naiive, but to my mind a political ‘maverick’ would be defined as a Republican presidential candidate who doesn’t assume his support base are the same people who re-elected George W… or at least assumes that they’ve learned their lesson.

I just about died of incredulous laughter when she appeared on the celebrity magazine covers holding the Down’s baby front and centre – albeit there’s one big positive, that the kid will never fully realise how shamelessly he’s being exploited (as if being named ‘Trig’ wasn’t bad enough)…but everybody’s just keepin’ on keepin’ on like this is all part of the process. Palin doesn’t know policy from a hole in the ground? No biggie, just rehearse her like mad until she can fake it convincingly on national TV! And when she does manage to pull it off – sort of – let’s celebrate it as a victory!

Weird, man. Especially in the middle of a Real Live Big Scary Crisis With Global Implications. I’m not an enormous Obama fan either – maybe I’ve just been too deep into the Orwell lately, but he kinda reminds me of Snowball from Animal Farm; convinced that his sheer dedication to rightness will be enough. But at least he gives the impression of being interested in the job of running the most powerful nation in the entire world itself, and not just the chance to have it at last.


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