Because by now we could all use a good political chortle…

…other than watching the Republican ticket lurch from strawman to strawman hoping one’ll keep them dry in the storm, that is.

Seriously. Wasn’t their reaction to the Obama infomercial just too precious? To think, a candidate for President, raising lots of money to campaign on – and then to actually go and campaign with it. The elitist jerk had the nerve to try and give the public a coherent vision of what might be should they vote him into office.
Next thing you know, he’ll be trying to convince the masses thet thar derned sci-en-mit-if-ical research has a purpose. Casting doubt on the idea that the Good Lord Above created the universe in seven days – and not a second more, d’y’hear? (I always picture Jesus, beside him, holding a stopwatch – “Hurry up, Dad, don’t bother to fix the guy nipple thing! They’ll work it out!”).
Why, I bet that Barack Hussein fella didn’t even notice when the soda-pop folks took the words ‘Under God’ off the Pledge of Allegiance cans awhile back. Godless commie terrorist heathen – uh, black guy!

…and oh, do I wish I was kidding, about the pop cans. But no.

Anyway, besides that. As it developed over the course of a few more threads on the CC, the person posting as ‘Wally Ballou’ there is also only in their mid-thirties! There are two of us! Reason for yay!

To celebrate, here’s a short (15min) Bob & Ray spoof from their 1980 Carnegie Hall show: In-Depth News With David Chetley. Basically: If Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert had existed in 1975. (The specific reference is to NBC’s iconic Huntley-Brinkley Report).

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