Picks self up, glances around cautiously…

…So I rustled up a few ‘How to Attract More Traffic to Your Blog’ articles, and interestingly enough, their advice is the same: Start by taking an active interest in others’ blogs, reaching out to those with similar interests, reading their posts and commenting.

Well. Whaddaya know about that.

[blushes slightly]


In other news, och, am I gonna be grateful when this American election mania dies down. It’s starting to affect even the funnest, most lightweight ‘other blogs’ I visit – of all places the Comics Curmudgeon came down with a bad case the other day, and it still hasn’t fully recovered. Snopes.com has been all ‘Here’re the latest outlandishly stupid rumours an hysterically paranoid populace are taking as gospel’ for weeks now. It gets dispiriting.

(If I could persuade myself that the one troll on the CC was putting on an elaborate, Dr. Strangelove-style show, it would make me feel quite a lot better. Alas, my faith is at al all-time low. These people really do hate each other, don’t they?)

Thank goodness for blogs emanating from Australia, is all I can say. Specifically, that of LJ-friend lizbee, dedicated Tudors-watcher. I am not, largely because when it comes to media adaptations of my historical interests I tend to annoy even myself with the ‘Oh, come ON now! That’s not the way it was! They’re ignoring the REAL drama inherent in the delicate interplay of -” and so on, yada-yada-yada-anachronistic-costuming-cakes.

Plus, I have been not a little squicked out by the marketing on this sucker, which is playing up the women-at-the-mercy-of-a-ruthless-man angle just a bit past reasonable assumption of good faith. It really bemuses me that the makers of this series feel like in order to make 16th-century English history entertaining, they must needs ramp up Teh Sex. Like, y’know, that Shakespeare dude was on to something good, just a bit out of touch is all.

Then again, it seems to be working, so what do I know? Maybe a generation raised on Madonna and Britney in succession just can’t do soap opera without the visual cues anymore. Besides, I can’t quite lose the suspicion that the Tudors themselves would’ve probably approved highly of the whole idea. ‘Cepting maybe Mary I, but she harshed everybody’s mellow on a regular basis anyhow.

Anyway, my inner history nerd is feeling much better since I discovered lizbee’s screencap recaps of various eps from the first season. Besides being hysterically funny, they contain 100% of your daily recommended allowance of Jeremy Northam. Also Sam Neil having a hat party and his is the grandest of all, because he’s Cardinal Wolsey, of course! Nobody expects…THE SPANISH ARMADA!

…erm. Where was I? Oh, yeah, historical adaptations. Also on tap is – I just get a lovely warm fuzzy tingle every time I think about this – a by-all-accounts-brilliant BBC miniseries adaptation of Little Dorrit, from the same people who brought you Pride & Prejudice aways back when…what? Wet Colin Firth. Right, exactly. By some interesting quirk of fate Matthew McFadyen, who played Darcy in the later film version, has been tapped as Arthur Clennam here…and I rather suspect the same qualities that led me to dislike him as Darcy will fit him perfectly for this role.

Overall, this thing appears to be about the most perfectly-cast adaptation of anything I have ever seen, ever. Excepting maybe the whole Jeremy ‘Thomas More’ Northam situation, but that’s a special case. Very, very special.

Andy Serkis as Rigaud may be just that little bit more special, though.

And the episodes are online! What better way to restore my faith in human nature than to immerse self in one of the most quietly courageous romances in all English literature?

*skips off happily to cue up episode one*


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