Bangs over whimpers, 2:1

Oof. [glances at clock in mild disbelief] That’s well over then. I have never been so glad to be so completely wrong about the American people…

…now, if I could just get rid of the lingering fear that bullets will be flying every time the President-Elect steps in front of a crowd. Seriously.

The right candidate won. That is, the one who didn’t lower himself to cynically pander to the most backward elements of the American psyche. McCain was exceptionally gracious in defeat, but I do still believe that in this moment, Obama cares more about running the country. (Note to foaming and possibly armed right-wingers: as distinct from ‘cares more about the country’, OK?)

McCain may not be, exactly, last in a long line of self-consciously slick good ol’boy politicos…but he freely allowed himself to be remodelled as same, in order to become President. This was frankly kinda creepy to watch and I’m very glad he and Caribou Barbie have both been slapped back to reality, where they might have a chance to do some good.

Meanwhile, whether Obama’s idealism – without at least some basis in pragmatic politicking – can be maintained in the long run I have my grave doubts. allotted him all of about a half-hour’s honeymoon before busting out the laundry list of promises he’ll have to break.

Were I the anointed – not too strong a word, based on what I saw on the faces in that Chicago crowd – leader of a clean slate and a fresh start for America in 2009, the first thing I’m going to be upon waking to face  that new dawn is absolutely frelling terrified out of my tiny mind.

But for now…damn was that a Moment, or what?


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