Post of picspam cuteness

So it occurs on re-read that during the previous entry I may have left the impression that life @ Shoe Central is one long hopeless slog through dull beige despair, broken only for periodic rambles about Agatha Christie. Well, um…sometimes I also ramble about Rex Stout.

OK, OK. As long as there are cameras, there will be bright spots in life…

It gets even better when you realise that isn't jam at the corner of his mouth, that's a dimple.

This is my youngest nephew, Jakob; Jakey in the family, which happens to be Croatian on his dad’s side. He is four-and-a-bit, and besides being so adorable that shop clerks routinely stop my sister and ask to take him home  (Shoesis’ stock response: “Depends, can you give me a discount?”)  he has already taught himself to read and write.

No, seriously. I’m not sure whether I should slip a plug in here for the Baby Einstein series of DVDs, to which he’s been devoted from six months on, but something has turned this kid’s brain on ahead of schedule and, baby-like, it sees no reason at all why it should stop.

He started out by picking random interesting words from conversations and asking to have them spelled to him, which caused no little grownup sporfling as he wandered about with a pad, pencil and teeny brow furrows: “How do you spell ‘disc-ip-line?”. This led onto sounding the letters out himself once he’d written them down…then, we’ve recently realised, to sounding out the words themselves, and writing them down afterwards.

Which would be a shoo-in for the Doting Auntie Story shortlist even had this latter trick involved C-A-T…but that’s the thing, it doesn’t. My sister, the other night at services, staring at the pad he was proudly showing her: “Ahhhh…[Shoebro-in-law], did you tell Jakob how to spell ‘November’?”


*long pause*

“OK then.”


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