What would happen if I did – whatever it is I do – for real?

Hey, remember that time I actually got published? Y’know, the article about the comedy…Right, moving on now.

So I’ve been giving a bit of thought to PopMatters again, in re: some of my essays past and hopefully future, and in browsing the Submissions request page came across…of all things…a call for monthly columnists.

What? OK, yes, it’s a stretch. Linking the state of modern pop-culture to the Human Condition is not one of my strong points. Actually, the state of modern pop-culture isn’t my strong point, so much.

Still…that phrase in the headline, ‘intellectual misfits’, kinda intrigues. This would seem to cover a person who is demonstrably capable of entertaining reading audiences from a mind stuffed with fragments like “Lt. Columbo’s first name really isn’t Philip, that comes from a trivia encyclopedia that threw it in as a copyright trap, and Trival Pursuit duly picked it up”.

Anyway, my previous editor was encouraging re: future submissions, so it can’t hurt to work something up. The only issue I have is in coming up with a linking topic, as outlined. I’d like to try a humourous/snarky slant of some sort, in keeping with my strengths, but that leaves a biggish gap in re: what exactly. General-purpose snark might lead me to start rambling again. Reality TV, my previous speciality, wouldn’t really work on a monthly basis.

This is where we stand as of even date. The call is open until the New Year, so I’ve got a bit of time to work it out. If anyone has any ideas (and no, the number of a good therapist doesn’t count) by all means let me know…


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