A Bob & Ray post of actual current relevance (I swear)

Word is that Abby Elliott will be joining the cast of Saturday Night Live, by way of helping replace Amy Poehler while the latter’s on maternity leave.

Abby is the daughter of SNL alum Chris Elliott, and thus grand-daughter of Bob. (Albeit you can’t tell by looking at her – lucky girl). This is intriguing, because in the course of researching the B&R article last year I ran across a reference to Abby – then an adjunct to profiles of her dad – as being very close to her grandfather, having inherited his ‘dry sense of humour’.

(Certainly Grandpa is no stranger to SNL himself, the duo having been handed a showcase special back in the Belushi/Radner years, besides hosting once or twice. This will all make for wonderful Elliott family Thanksgiving dinner conversation, I can just tell.)

So the Elliott dynasty beats on, borne back ceaselessly into the past. This is on the whole a good thing, I think. Although Bob has publicly never been anything other than proud and supportive of his son’s career, I would really like to believe that privately Chris has been whacked upside the ear at least once. Hopefully for those Tostitos commercials, although if it comes down to it I’m not picky.


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