Just kickin’ down the cobblestones…

Quick couple of things:

Bob & Ray [sporfle] of the week: No, I’m not going to transcribe it this time; the joke wouldn’t work nearly as well in print anyhow. I do however have a real, physical need to acknowledge the wonderfulness of an extended Matinee skit in which a discussion of ‘our next project (‘us’ being Rogers & Hammerstein; we got here from South Pacific, don’t even ask) somehow ends up with Bob previewing an opera scene. That is, Ray – as Carmen, natch – is singing each line as he shows it to him from the ‘script’.

I have no idea if opera-based humour was commonplace in 1949. Hell, I don’t even know if operas have scripts. From the perspective of 2008, it’s so out there it’s frelling hilarious even before Ray starts carolling about the rose he plucked from the garden and now has between his teeth.
Meanwhile, ah, her would-be lover the green-grocer is distraught because he has no bananas (no, no, the song, remember?) and so cannot lure shy, coy Carmen back to the market (“Dro-o-o-o-p DEAD!”). Or something. It gets a little hard to follow after awhile…though I suspect not much more so than your average straight opera. At least this one’s in English.

Also, I wish to report that my Photobucket gallery has now been updated with all my pretty fall foliage pictures (one of which is featured in the header above), therein to join all my pretty spring/summer flower and butterfly pictures, plus the occasional cat.
Someday, when they finally pass a law against online procrastination, I will get around to collating each picture with tags and labels and possibly musical fade-ins, I swear. In the meantime, I’ve managed to slap a background theme on there. And it doesn’t feature the Jonas Brothers. So, y’know, go nuts.


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