More Bob & Ray-related glee!

So, ah, yeah, in the course of rummaging around for the clips in yesterday’s post…well, look at it this way: the more Bob & Ray clips, the less Bob & Ray observational verbiage, thus an exponential increase in glee all round, eh?

Besides which, this clip happens to be a source of Very Special Glee for yours truly, on account of I had no idea it even existed until it was released this month. Turns out that back in 1968 freelance producer David Jacobsen, thoroughly charmed by B&R’s unique way of making funny, spent an afternoon documenting it for posterity. (And no wonder; if the clip below is any indication, in person they came across as less an act than an oddball shared introversion. Rather like those twins that develop their own private language – the urge to crack the code must’ve been nearly irresistible.)

The result was dubbed – at their suggestion – Bob & Ray: An Award Winning Film. Unfortunately, never mind awards, it didn’t even find a distributor. So Jacobsen stuffed the footage in a closet…and has now pulled it out just in time for me to have backed up my allowance for, like, years on this iPod thing. Major loss of glee there.

Meanwhile, though, there’s this promo excerpt, which may be the only comedy footage in existence to be interesting more for what’s not there than what is:


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