So, you’re saying they could be mongongo nuts, then?

So I’m munching happily away at my lunch – and just as an aside, boy do I pity all of you who don’t have access to Shoemom’s chicken pot pie – when my eye catches some yellow type on my KitKat ‘Senses’ bar wrapper.

Now, you have to understand, this bar was purchased on the assurance that it contained hazelnut creme. The ingredients list hazelnut prominently. The lady handing out samples at the supermarket specifically referred to hazelnuts in describing the ‘enhanced flavour’ of this new and exciting taste treat. Topping everything off there’s a huge honking portrait of a hazelnut right there on the front.

Thus it came as something of a surprise to read on the back, in bold yellow type: This Product May Contain Peanuts or Other Nuts.



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