My holiday weekend thus far:

Sat up with a cranky computer Friday night and most of Saturday (barring an unpleasantly cold and dingy foray into preaching service). Pages won’t load, downloads crawl along then corrupt. ‘Course, I only discover that last bit after I uninstall current antivirus program, because I thought it had been disabled by a killer virus.

Got a sick nervous headache.

Dragged self – in a medicated stupor – to a friend’s card party anyway, after friend made wistful noises about uneven tables when I called to cancel.

Resumed computer ministrations immediately on getting home, wound up awake at 2:30 AM trying for the literal fourteenth time to get fresh antivirus to download.

Finally fell asleep to docudrama about the Boston Strangler, had horrible nightmares.

Sunday morning, woke up early, antivirus suddenly downloads like a dream. Just happy enough that I don’t have worse problems to avoid punching holes in monitor with shards of juice glass.

Promptly get into huge fight with Shoesis over the usual random failure to respect. In the middle of it all, Shoemom suddenly bursts into tears, on startled questioning confesses she’s in a mood anyway because she’s sick and tired of city life. We apply usual therapy – ie., take off for Niagara. One thing leads to another, and we’re discussing moving as far out to the country as a transit commute will extend.

Arrive home all excited, hop on Net…discover that despite being literally just down the highway from each other, the area we want to move to and the area I work in aren’t connected by transit.

Oh, well. At least Shoesis eventually apologised. Eventually.


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