If a post falls in the forest…

I may….just…possibly…see the glimmer of a way clear to resolve my plotting headaches. Something someone mentioned in a comment here awhile ago, about telling the observer’s story. More on that later, if it pans out.

Meanwhile, I’ve been toying with the idea of going back and reworking some of those old posts, pruning them down as it were. I’ve been concentrating hard on not rambling lately, and the self-editing process has actually been a lot of fun – enough so that it’s making reading back over the archives a slightly cringe-worthy experience.

…Also, the cats have come down with an advanced case of February and are currently moping around giving me the Big Eyes of Feline Pathos because I refuse to let them go out in the -20 C windchill. I need something to block out the whining, stat.


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