What a really lovely weekend.

–Threw on a flimsy cardigan over my spring dress and spent two hours’ preaching service in beautiful Rosedale, strolling ‘where the wealthy nobles dwell’, almost giddy with the sensation of warm sun on bare arms.

–Went shopping and managed to find Shoemom the perfect white sweater almost on first go in the change room. Those of you who don’t have mothers for whom clothes shopping is as convincing a Calvinist to have fun, trust me, this was a red-letter event.

–Indulged myself to the hilt in Godiva chocolates — I highly recommend the key lime truffle, by the way – and Shoemom didn’t complain once about the wasted $$. Probably because of my cunning flanking maneuvres involving mandarin orange ganache, at the taste of which she is helpless.

–Got to sleep in literally ’til noon on Sunday.

–Constructed the most amazing outfit for services from various forgotten pieces in my closet. Memo to wanna-be dieters needing a boost: This is the feeling you’re shooting for, and oh, is it worth it. Every last glass of water and stick of celery.

–Had several nifty comments on my blog, including one from an old friend I’d been missing for yonks and another, on WordPress, that said my writing style was ‘unusual and nice’. I am thoroughly chuffed.

–Made various fun and frolicsome plans with friends for upcoming summer weekends.

–Finally found the perfect ‘dark’ LJ theme I’ve been searching for – that is, elegant and evocative of something other than ‘Hey world! I wanna die!’

–Contrived at last to convince myself my Holiday review had simply got lost in my previous column-proposal mess @ PopMatters, and fired it off again, to the features editors this time.

–In the course of the usual angsting over my fiction-writing follies, thought back over a project I’d started and then abandoned awhile ago…and suddenly it all clicked into place, all the plot elements I’d been struggling with resolved. A tight, complete story is now staring back at me out of chaos, one that I’m genuinely interested in telling. All ready, just as soon as I want to commit it to paper…

…so, um, why am I suddenly terrified?


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