Or maybe you think I’m lucky/to have something to do

So yeah, updating. Sorry about that. Jasmine has since discovered the delights of sitting on human laps, albeit not the fine points. It’s kind of hard to type and keep her from tumbling off at the same time.

It’s not that I’ve been suffering for topics, either. For one thing, the kitten cuteness level around here has been off the charts. Work has been off the rails. And the geekiness has been right off the scale. It’s just that somehow I’ve gotten out of the habit of recording it on – uh – what do they call it if it’s not paper, anyway?
I remember how my first word processor — something like, oh gosh, Office 10,000 BC or so — had a ‘parchment’ background option. It could also do Comic Sans MS in teal. I was over the moon…

[short pause to rummage around in My Documents]

Ah, here we are. *chuckles gently to self* I remember now, what they call it.



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