Idiocracy, the documentary

I honestly don’t expect much from the free Metro subway paper. For one thing, it’s a free paper, and for another it’s designed to be read at an hour when I’m not physically capable of expecting much. That I am sometimes driven to mild irritation at the hack writing and/or shallow insight says reams about how dreadful it actually is.

Then I saw this article about ‘celebrity journalism giant’ Bonnie Fuller yesterday morning. The first few paragraphs had me mildly interested. The rest catapulted me straight past irritation and right to ‘that bout with PMS of which we no longer speak’.

So. Much. Fail.

I don’t know who to toss bricks at first. Fuller, for having real power to ‘explore the world’ via Michael Jackson, the Balloon Boy and Jon & Kate and using it to spawn cocktail chatter; or her interviewer, for not having even the tinest particle of wit required to realise what he’s currently doing with his actual journalism degree. If he has one. Maybe it’s ‘communications’. Or ‘media studies’…

"The great thing about celebrities today is that they come in all different ages, shapes, sizes and ethnic backgrounds… If your marriage is in trouble and you’re wondering if you can go through a divorce, you can look to Jon and Kate…"

Somehow, it all just sludges together into one massive wad of bleak.  On the plus side, though, I got to spend the rest of the subway ride fantasising about What Woodward & Bernstein Would Do if confronted with this situation. Too bad I got to my stop while they were still taking aim on the Pulitzer toss.


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  1. dendritejungle
    Oct 25, 2009 @ 20:17:57

    YES. That article annoyed the hell out of me too!

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  3. clio_1
    Oct 25, 2009 @ 21:17:49

    I love this: “The great thing about — celebrities today is that they come in all ages, sizes, shapes and different ethnic groups. [ORLY?] There’s always somebody that you can relate to.”

    So just because some random celebrity is a 33 year old white woman I should be able to relate to her? Hahaha no.

    Also, “Everyone used to talk about the weather.”

    Geez. People have been gossiping about their neighbors and the elite for as long as society has existed. Also, some people talk about art, music, poetry, etc., as well as the weather and gossip. This woman thinks she’s just extraordinarily special, doesn’t she?

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  5. Shoebox
    Oct 26, 2009 @ 00:40:58

    She does. The thing that really makes me crazy is that she believes it off such a limited understanding of human nature. Apparently it is now possible to be a successful journalist by actively working to close down minds.

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