So, is “Boy, shoulda gone in for something relaxing, like bomb defusing!” cliche yet?

So I’m helping my waaaaaay-too-accommodating-for-his-assistant’s-sanity boss put together a legging program, aka this season’s surefire gifty… kind of… thing. C’mon, you know you want ’em! Everybody now: "O-oh, I hear the music/close my eyes, feel the rhythm…"

OK, I don’t really get it either. Especially since for some reason none of our usual major, experienced vendors could handle this for us. Nooooo, we had to start from scratch. Meaning I, your humble narrator, also had to start from…

…let’s put it this way: I am a buyer’s assistant. I am not a replenishment person. Nor am I a shipping, receiving, Finance or logistics person. Really. I have a copy of my job description right here, and ‘frantically trying to find definitive answers regarding warning placement on polybag packaging’ is so not on it.
Given these past several months, however, I can now see myself teaching these courses. Self-defense courses. Oh yes. You’d be amazed (or maybe not), what a couple well-placed Chuck Norris fantasies can do to maintain your retail career.

As of this morning, though, all seemed well with the world. Hey, the vendor was almost maybe possibly ready to ship this week, right?

Then Marketing called.

The CEO wants to feature the leggings in her latest radio ad. Can you have the product in-store for the 10th? Including Vancouver, of course. Did I mention this stuff is shipping out of Scarborough?

Good thoughts, people. Good thoughts.


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