It’s time to play the music/It’s time to dress up right…

So this was going to be another major emo-fest about my life choices and how they’re intertwined with my family’s much to my ongoing irritation… but whaddaya know, the family actually turned out to understand.

More on that later. Right now, I feel like celebrating. Also, I’ve spent the last few days up to my eyeballs in more old Muppet Show clips… and, as it turns out, I have good company in . Why, it’s enough to make a girl feel positively Muppetational.

…It’s time to get things started. Time to meet (again) my personal Top Ten Very Special Guests ever on the… well, you know. *braaaaap* *crash!*

1) Christopher Reeve

I love how the infobox on this one just says, "Includes Hamlet". Because, yeah. (Fear not, true believer: also tight t-shirt action.)

2) Peter Sellers

Existentialism meets comedy genius, right after this Fruit Loops commercial. Depending on your POV, this is either one of the most brilliant MS comedy skits ever, or one of the saddest… or perhaps they’re interchangeable anyway.

3) Dizzy Gillespie

Swing low, sweet Cadillac… Did we even realise what we had, fellow Gen-Xers? And will the tiny devotees of Barney and Dora ever realise what they’ve missed?

4) Harry Belafonte

The Muppets here are based off actual African mask designs. Which should be incredibly corny and pretentious, but… hey, it’s Belafonte and the Muppets.

5) Roger Moore

007 just wants to take time out to sing a sweet, peaceful tune with fuzzy-wuzzy forest critters. But some of those fuzzies have lasers…

6) Liza Minelli

…and I don’t even like Copacabana. Another classic entry in what I like to call the Kiddy Show, My Left Eye! series of sketches.

7) James Coburn

Animal learns meditation… and, um, other stuff… from the master. Chuck Norris only wishes he was as cool — and funny — as this sketch.

8) John Cleese

In classic Basil Fawlty mode."All right, where’s the frog? WHERE’S THE FROG?!"

9) Rita Moreno

As the old show business adage goes: Never work with children or Animals. Mind, Rita has one big advantage… maybe two. "But why are you licking the screen, Daddy?"

10) Kenny Rogers

One of the all-time cheezy classics, rescued brilliantly by an… um… dead tapdancing elderly Muppet. It was really hard to explain this stuff at school the next day to the kids who’d missed it.


11) Bert & Ernie

Yes, it’s a special bonus appearance by Jim Henson’s day job! All grown up and flirting shamelessly with Connie Stevens!

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