Tag, I’m it: a random factoids meme

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A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag seven people to do the same.
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it."

Well, shoot. How’s a girl supposed to keep a good online sulk going around here?

Seriously… feeling better, not least because of good friends *gives  a grateful hug*. The apartment is… understanding of sulks. So are the two cats currently curled up beside me on the nice new couch. Also, Shoemom dropped off some chocolate fudge today. I defy JD Salinger himself to keep wangst alive, in the face of Shoemom’s fudge.


1) I am the least sentimental person around… and cute is my Kryptonite. The tinier and daintier the miniature — or plushie — the more high-pitched my squee. There is a wonderful shop in Toronto called The Little Dollhouse Company that I actually have to avoid like the plague, because I know that one day I will snap and buy their entire stock of bitsy bouquets and teeny place settings in one go.

2) If I were ever to write a fan letter it would be to Elizabeth Enright, for her Melendy family stories. Funny, smart, talented preteens Mona, Rush, Randy and Oliver were my heroes from the moment I first discovered them at the same age, and in some important ways they remain so. Enright had a knack for creating characters fully alive to their environments yet totally real in their responses to them; twelve-year-olds who went to art museums on their Saturday afternoons as naturally as they got lost and fell out of boats.

3) I am one of those people whose weird ‘body chemistry’ blows streetlights as I walk under them and makes wristwatches go wonky. At least this is how it was explained to me as a kid, complete with assurances I had inherited it from Shoedad. As an adult, I am honour-bound to be more sceptical — but I still feel vaguely guilty about those little ‘pouf!’s of darkness. Sorry, fellow night-time strollers!

4) Save with family and very intimate friends I am much, much more articulate on paper than in person (and any cracks about how articulate I am on paper, you will kindly keep to yourself). Picture the same vocabulary, except sans editor or chance to think out ideas — let alone if they’re interesting to anyone else or not. Usually not, as it turns out.

5) I cannot lie to save my life, or fake an emotion I don’t feel, or make a dishonest response to even the touchiest request for opinion. Trust me, this isn’t anywhere near as noble as it sounds. Try it the next time your close friend gets you a gift you don’t like, and see how fast you start organising the telethon.

6) I love water — bathing in it, swimming in it, listening to waves, wandering around in the rain. Even reading about it, voyages and mermaids and the like. When we lived by the lake once I spent long whiles pondering the moonlight trail across the waves, imagining — as per the aforementioned reading, I think — that the flickering light was a hypnotically alluring language, so complicated that anyone who learned it would be driven mad — or called a genius. I was a weird (and possibly also fatuous) kid.

7) I have a thing for earrings. I like to keep a little touch of the unique around me at all times; rings/bracelets etc drive me nuts, and my hair is very short, so my ears are my canvas. When I was younger I preferred huge, bizarre hoops and chains; nowadays I’m more into glass beads and silver. A friend who makes jewelery and keeps me in mind doesn’t hurt.

Tagging… oh, say… and  and  and  and *ahem* any three other friends who may wish to participate. 🙂


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