Well, *that* was unexpected…

 Heigh-ho, an audiobook publisher has just emailed to say they want to use my article on Bob & Ray for liner notes on a CD they’re releasing this fall. I pointed them in the direction of PopMatters’ publishers (being not entirely sure who owns the thing at this point, but I’ve never been sued before and don’t intend to start now) and they have promised to keep me posted.

Then, I phoned Shoemom and reminded her that she has a daughter capable of writing [ahem] ‘well-crafted and thoughtful’ tributes. We have decided this warrants breaking out the frozen tilapia fillets. Wild chip-intensive celebrations will ensue tomorrow night here @ Shoe Central. 

This is after a buyer over in another division emailed me to say thanks, they’ll set up a meet next week in regards to the BA position. A friend of mine in the current office had interviewed for it, but got another offer she liked better, so recommended me, whereupon I got in touch. In short, I have been Networking in a manner the best recruiters would approve. And it is paying off.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go try this new idea I just had, for butter chicken pizza. 

It’s been quite a day.


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