How do you dance in the dark?

 It’s half-way through Earth Hour. During past EHs I have eschewed modern tech altogether and sat around staring at candles, but now I have a battery-powered laptop, and it is comforting. The solitary celebration of darkness makes it awkwardly clear that light is about people, movement, civilization. Dark is about — among other un-nerving things — wondering what the hell that noise is coming from the bathroom. You’re pretty sure it’s the cat, but where would they get a thing that sounded like that? Or do you want to know?


When the lights are on, I’ve been reading Eric Idle’s Greedy Bastard Diary, about his recent North American tour. Funnily enough I have never ventured further into Monty Python than the basics — The Holy Grail, the silly walks, the parrot sketch — but have enjoyed many of their solo projects immensely, particularly Idle’s and Michael Palin’s. 

At any rate Idle turns out to be, in the fully British sense of the word, a lovely man. His musings on road life, the comedy universe, and everything are witty, naughty, charming, poignant without being sentimental — and let us not forget roaringly funny. The best way I can describe it is Truman Capote sans need to write classic true-crime novels. Er, and the flaming, of course. 


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